Ethan Rose - Oaks

Ethan Rose

Holocene Music is proud to present the new album from acclaimed ambient electronic experimentalist Ethan Rose. This is Ethan’s third full-length, following on the 2006 release Ceiling Songs and the 2007 release, Spinning Pieces. Ethan’s music was also featured in Gus Van Sant’s latest film, Paranoid Park. Ethan explains Oaks as follows:

“Over the past year I’ve been coming out to the Oaks Park Roller Rink to play and record the Wurlitzer Theater Organ that is located there. The organ dates from the 1920s and was originally housed in the Broadway Theater in downtown Portland where it was used to accompany silent films. It is currently played and maintained by Keith Fortune who has been involved with the organ and the rink for the past fifteen years. I’ve had the privilege of assisting Keith with organ repairs, which has deepened my appreciation of the instrument. Musically speaking, my primary interest with this organ has been to bring its antiquated sounds into a modern context, essentially treating it with the same sense of sonic reinterpretation that I have brought to my previous works.”

Release date: 02/27/09
Catalog number: HCM09
Format: CD

  1. On Wheels Rotating
  2. Rising Waters
  3. Grand Marcher
  4. The Floor Released
  5. Fortunate
  6. Scenes From When
  7. Mighty Mighty
  8. Bottom