Steeped in the fingerpick-guitar rudiments of folk music, inspired by the expressionism of classic jazz vocalists, and finding common ground in the minimalism and ear-taunting of the avant garde, Laura Gibson alights on a branch of the music tree that no one else has found (NPR called her last release Beasts of Seasons “a quiet masterpiece”.)

Sound artist and composer Ethan Rose has released recordings, scored films, and created sound installations (including a collaborative installation with glass artist Andy Paiko at the Museum of Contemporary Craft, and past work with both the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art and Gus Van Sant.)

Bridge Carols began as a conversation of mutual appreciation and curiosity - a shared desire to challenge old ways of working. Ethan had mostly distanced his music from words, while Laura had often felt bound by them.

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May 18, 2010

Laura & Ethan on NPR's Song of the Day

Laura Gibson & Ethan Rose's "Younger" has been named Song of the Day on NPR today! You can read the writeup and stream the song here. Also don't miss Ryan Jeffery's wonderful video for the song. Congrats guys!
March 31, 2010

Laura Gibson & Ethan Rose On Tour

Laura and Ethan are currently on tour in support of their wonderful Bridge Carols album. Don't miss the rare opportunity to see these two live in performance — they're both quite busy, so it'll probably be a while before this happens again, if ever.


Bridge Carols pushes both artists out of their comfort zones, creating an absolutely gorgeous, weightless collection of inviting songs constructed around Gibson’s voice.
Michael Mannheimer, Willamette Week
By deconstructing and then rebuilding the pop/folk structure, Gibson and Rose have invited that listener into the song.
Ryan White, The Oregonian
[Bridge Carols] is a stunning record that stretches conventional notions of songwriting.
Catherine Prewitt, Paste
Conjuring up atmospheres that are at once frigid and inviting, distant and familiar, Portland, Oregon natives Laura Gibson and Ethan Rose have created a thing of slow, simple beauty with Bridge Carols. Ethereal washes are paired with meandering, plucked folk and Gibson’s dreamy lyrics, yielding eight rich, nuanced tracks that will draw you in completely from beginning to end.
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"One of the most intriguing albums of the year."
Joshua Pressman, LAist
At barely a half-hour, [Bridge Carols] evaporates in the best possible way.
Andy Beta
Laura Gibson & Ethan Rose - Bridge Carols
Laura Gibson & Ethan Rose
Bridge Carols