Shaky Hands and Alela Diane = Best New Band Material

April 25, 2007

If you live in Portland, odds are you’ve noticed there’s a bunch of feet on the cover of the Willy Week today. And if you’ve happened to read the issue’s Best New Band feature then you know that (a) those feet belong to our guys The Shaky Hands and (b) they totally won the Best New Band poll! How great is that? What’s more, Alela bagged a very respectable third place position! (And let’s not forget that Swan Island won last year.) This is a pretty big deal here in the PDX, so we couldn’t be more excited. Congratulations guys!

You can celebrate with us in person at Willamette Week’s Best New Band showcase this Friday at Berbati’s. The show is FREE and features performances by The Shaky Hands and two of our other favorite Portland bands: Horse Feathers and Laura Gibson. See you there!